5 steps to winning more business

Follow these 5 easy steps to getting the most out of our campaign management system. Getting started is easy.

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1. Arrange a webinar and speak to a specialist

The hardest step but it will pay off

Contact one of our product specialists and they can show you around ATTAINA from the comfort of your desk. Your guided tour will demonstrate how to maximise the benefits of using our campaign management.

2. Choose a plan that suits your business

Get the most out of the system for your business

See our frequently asked questions for more details on plan pricing or contact us now to discuss your requirements. Whether you only have a small customer base or whether you need to email millions of people each month we have a plan to suit your budget.

3. Our specialists integrate your contacts into Attaina

Let us do some of the hard work

You can either manage your contacts yourself by manually adding single contacts or uploading multiple contacts via files, or we can integrate ATTAINA with your contact databases so that your campaign contacts are always automatically up to date.

4. Design your campaigns and identify your target markets

Develop solutions for your audience

Using our campaign email templates you can easily design your own emails. If you need help then just call and one of our designers can help you with branding and styling your emails to reflect your business.

5. Track your results and fine tune your campaigns

Tune, tune and fine tune again

Our built-in dashboard gives you the clearest view possible of your campaign statistics. See at a glance how your recent campaigns perform compared to previous campaigns. View figures on link clicks, conversions and revenue generation.

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