Dozens of features out of the box

ATTAINA has dozens of great features straight out of the box to help you profile your customers, design your campaigns, track your results and calculate your return on investment. Contact us today to arrange a tour.

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Attaina Features & Benefits

Core features available with every account

GDPR Compliant

Maintain compliance with privacy legislation

Traffic Light System

Who is engaging with you 

SMS & Mobile

Open rates go through the roof

Custom Templates

For a flying start 


We can help with your integration exercise

Automated Campaigns

Schedule, send and follow up 

Campaign Tracking

Measure your success 


Slice and dice your results

3rd Party Integrations

Centralise and de-dupe your contacts

Mobile Viewing

Your results wherever you are

High Level Security

Scan before sending

Transactional Emails

Send the customer straight to a product

Abandoned Cart

Don’t lose your basket

Inbox Email Preview

Litmus test your emails in multiple browsers

Optional additional features - bespoke packages available, tailored for your individual needs

White Label Design

Reseller or corporate branding

Revenue Tracking

Who bought what from which email

A/B Testing

Run two campaigns side by side 

Events Module

Bookings straight from the mail

Device Performance

Who is opening on what

GEO Heatmap

Where are my customers coming from

Survey & Forms

Asking the right questions

Landing Pages

Direct the customer to appropriate content

Telephone Support

Speak to a specialist


Be trained on or off site

Account Manager

A real human to help

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